A blank page=A blank mind.

Blank me. 

No, seriously. That’s what goes through my head the moment I sit down to write a blog post. Because–let’s face it–it’s scary to write something, especially when you know other people are going to read what you’ve written. Blank me. I’m never going to figure out what to write.

Worse, it’s even scarier to know that no one will read what you’ve written. 

OR,(even worse) they’ll read what you’ve written and not respond. At all. 

(Was I trying to make myself feel motivated to write something here? Because I think I just failed.)


I’m currently working as (among other things) the Acquisitions Editor for Etopia Press

Here’s the link for their guidelines

So you might be sitting there (sort of like I’m sitting here) thinking pretty much the same thing. (Blank me.) You might actually be staring at your computer trying to figure out what to say in your query about the manuscript you want to send out. Or how to figure out a synopsis. Or you might just working up the courage to push your baby out the virtual door to face the world on its own. 


I’d like to encourage you to send it my way. I promise, I’ll read it. And I’ll respond. Better, I might even recommend it for a contract.

Beats sitting there thinking. (Blank me.)